caitlin Sierra


Caitlin Sierra, has always had a desire to empower and encourage those around her. After severely battling Anorexia, self-image and self-worth, Caitlin, developed a passion to help those who also struggled with feelings of inferiority and comparison. She now holds a degree in Social Work and has studied Counseling from George Fox University However, after receiving a degree in Social Work and studying counseling at George Fox University, she came to the realization that psychoanalytic techniques were merely a band aid sized fix to a greater spiritual problem. She now strives to encourage youth that they will never find satisfaction and value from the world. Instead, they must find it in Christ, as they view themselves through His eyes. Caitlin, is now combining her musical talents with her knowledge of youth development, to connect with youth and empower them to understand their inherent worth and value in Christ.