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"Next" Preview - Jess Angelique and Luke Reelfs
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The purpose of NextEra Music is to give the local church an effective week of outreach to local area youth. 


First let’s review a few tenants that guide the ministry.

  1. Local church involvement is the most critical part of an outreach event.   Youth group members invite.  Youth leaders disciple.  The local church initiates and completes a successful week of outreach. 

  2. It is difficult to attract friends to church that don’t have a relationship with Jesus. 

  3. Your students’ friends prefer a pop-style genre of music.

  4. It is easier to invite, and the invitation is more likely to be accepted when the students get a live sampling of the music. 

  5. God loves our youth and our youth needs the love and forgiveness of God. 


If you are a youth leader and agree with the above please click below to discover how we we can partner in your community to reach the youth for Christ.  If you don’t agree, please close this page and forget about connecting with NextEra Music.




The NextEra Music Event is a journey with the destination of challenging youth toward a life of following Christ. The tour is an outreach event designed and delivered by youth artists, for YOUTH.