Rise - Jess Angelique
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     At the age of seven, Jess Angelique was first to ask Toby Mac a question at a Meet and Greet.  Her Dad was a little nervous.  “What would she ask?”  Jess asked a question foreshadowing her own life.  Dad’s nervousness quickly turned to pride when she inquired, “What inspires you to write music?”

     Jess knew then what she wanted to do, triggering a nine-year journey of discovering her voice and ability to write music that inspires people to love Jesus and love themselves, leading to what is now her debut album, “Won’t Be Defined” composed by Jessica on her guitar and piano.

     Jess continues to write music with the desire to touch as many people as possible with the love of Jesus. The highlight of Jess's week is when she leads worship at her church. She feels blessed with the opportunity to lead her youth group on Sunday mornings and it always puts a smile on Jessica's face as she leads 3rd-5th grade girls in worship on Wednesday evenings. Jess has also had the wonderful opportunity to open locally for several national recording artists including Jamie Grace, Plumb, Unspoken, 7eventh Time Down and Mark Schultz.

God has given Jess a gift beyond her years to help others going through doubts and insecurities.  Through her own struggles she wrote the song “I Won’t Be Defined” telling the story of a young girl learning that God defines us, not what others say. It’s a story every Mom will want their daughter to embrace. 

     Jess met Toby Mac after the “Q&A” session and he told her he liked the question.  Little did he know his response would encourage a girl to do the same, write music a few years later during her middle and high school years to encourage and inspire people to know God.