Luke Reelfs is a hip-hop artist from Omaha, Nebraska whose goal with his music has always been to make an impact in people of all ages' lives and to change the genre of hip-hop. With features protruding from the genre today such as frequent use of demeaning lyrics and worldly views, Luke wants to change hip hop to be more listener friendly and positively impactful. His songs rely on colorful wordplay, meaningful lyrics, and a reliance on a relationship with God to live a different and fulfilling life all over vastly different types of beats to appeal to a multitude of listeners. Although a Christian, Luke doesn't title himself as a "Christian rapper". He instead wants to be known for being real and authentic with the creation of his music which includes a heavy emphasis on living life in stride with God and working every day to become more like him as that is what is really real to him. Luke enjoys ministry and loves using his gifts to lead others to Christ and make an impact in people's lives with what he works hard at every day. He wants to pursue a music artist career and to be known as having played a critical part in shifting the public’s opinion on the genre of hip hop. Believing that there is a great deal of power in music and hip hop’s ability to pull emotion from its listeners, Luke hopes to be a figure for a new wave of music in the hip hop genre.