The NextEra Music Event is a journey with the destination of challenging youth toward a life of following Christ. The tour is an outreach event designed and delivered by youth artists, for YOUTH.   


Thanks for your consideration to host a NextEra Music (NEM) Outreach Week in your community. 


It is a simple plan that works by encouraging your students to invite friends to an event where they hear and can respond to the Gospel.


NextEra Music partners with one primary church or multiple churches that have a history of working together.


We work together to coordinate Anti-bullying Events at area middle and high schools

Ideally, we have about 10 weeks of promotion and coordination to plan for the week.


Prior to this week NEM will provide


you can use to excite your students and the community.  



 Here is the flow for the outreach week: 

 Monday or Tuesday 

NextEra will arrive at your church on Monday or Tuesday the week of the events. 



School Assemblies 

NEM will host as many as possible anti-bullying assemblies at local area middle and high schools. 


 Youth Group Night 

"Next Gen" Event

NEM will host a “Next Gen” Event with music and message designed to support them in their making a difference as the next generation of evangelists and servants. 


 Friday or Saturday  

Friday or Saturday Night Youth Concert 

This is the event to which friends are invited.  These are friends that hopefully saw the assembly hearing the pop music along with your students who saw them in your familiar venue.  Your students will feel more confident in making the invitation.  Their friends are more likely to accept having heard the music



Optional Sunday Children’s Ministry  

NEM loves children.  Kids love the music.  Parents and teachers love the message, and they love the time off allowing NEM to serve the kids at each weekend service. 



NEM leaves for the next stop. 

The church connects to and follows up with kids who made a life-saving decision. 

Again, the local church is the most important piece of a successful week of outreach. 




Obviously, this is a difficult question to answer for both us.  You have a limited budget. 

NEM has fixed expenses.  Helping your students invite friends to experience freedom and forgiveness in Jesus is what we both are about in our ministries and with our budgets. 


Determining factors on the fee are proximity of other events, flexibility in schedule for closer routing, merchandise sales potential, and if the schools have a budget.  


Answers are best determined with a phone call.  Let’s talk about it. 

Greg Vogt  



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