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     At the age of seven, Jess Angelique was first to ask Toby Mac a question at a Meet and Greet.  Her Dad was a little nervous.  “What would she ask?”  Jessica asked a question foreshadowing her own life.  Dad’s nervousness quickly turned to pride when she inquired, “What inspires you to write music?”

     Jessica knew then what she wanted to do, triggering a nine-year journey of discovering her voice and ability to write music that inspires people to love Jesus and love themselves, leading to what is now her debut album, “Won’t Be Defined” composed by Jessica on her guitar and piano.


     Luke Reelfs is a hip-hop artist from Omaha, Nebraska whose goal with his music has always been to make an impact in people of all ages' lives and to change the genre of hip-hop. With features protruding from the genre today such as frequent use of demeaning lyrics and worldly views, Luke wants to change hip hop to be more listener friendly and positively impactful. His songs rely on colorful wordplay, meaningful lyrics, and a reliance on a relationship with God to live a different and fulfilling life all over vastly different types of beats to appeal to a multitude of listeners.



Caitlin Sierra, has always had a desire to empower and encourage those around her. After severely battling Anorexia, self-image and self-worth, Caitlin, developed a passion to help those who also struggled with feelings of inferiority and comparison. She now holds a degree in Social Work and has studied Counseling from George Fox University However, after receiving a degree in Social Work and studying counseling at George Fox University, she came to the realization that psychoanalytic techniques were merely a band aid sized fix to a greater spiritual problem.